dr. Philippe De Brouwer

dr. Philippe De Brouwer

Honorowy Konsul Belgii w Krakowie
While finishing his second Master (Applied Economics) Philippe solved the “fallacy of large numbers puzzle”, formulated by P.A. Samuelson 38 years earlier. In this PhD he created the “Maslowian Portfolio Theory” and so successfully challenged the assumptions of the Noble price winning “Mean Variance Theory” of H. Markovitz that dominated our thinking about suitability of investments for more than 60 years.

He is an active executive and has more than two decades experience in banking and asset management, fulfilled many C-level functions and is now Head of Model Validation in Krakow for HSBC. He specializes in teamwork, leadership, big data, analytics, risk management and investment advice.

Also he is honorary consul for Belgium in Krakow.

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